Friday, February 24, 2012

Rice Sensory Bin

When we went to a training a few weeks ago, I was so impressed with their multi-colored rice sensory bin so we made one at home. It's much simpler to make than one would expect. You only need three ingredients: white distilled vinegar or rubbing alcohol, food coloring, and rice. You'll also need one ziplock bag for every color you want to make. First, put the vinegar and food coloring in a ziplock. It should be about 2-3 tbsp vinegar. The amount of color will depend on the intensity of color you want. Mix those well, then add the rice and shake. We originally made pastel colors, but wanted more rice so I added some naturally black rice from the pantry.

The rice is naturally appealing to the kids. They cannot wait to get their hands in it! Hello Kitty went surfing in it. Other animal toys can hide in it. I also gave the kids a funnel and some "shakers" (old spice containers) which they used to pretend they were cooking.

See how quiet they were...okay for the first 5 minutes! ; )

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