Saturday, March 17, 2012

We tried Market on the Move this weekend. It's a pretty sweet deal! We paid $10 to receive all this produce! I would have liked some fruit, but for the savings I can't complain. We arrived at the site at 7:50. By 8:45 we were done. We'd paid our money, filled our box, and headed for the car. There is a membership program which is $100 annually which allows you to go to one site per weekend to pick up produce for the year...I'm pondering this idea.

When we got home, we went right to prepping the veggies. We sliced and several of the peppers. We blanched and froze the green beans. The girls even helped! They were very enthusiastic at first, but their enthusiasm dwindled after the first bowl...ha ha ha! When they were all blanched and bagged, there were two full gallon ziplocks which is great because the girls love green beans! As for the chiles, we will likely be sharing them after we freeze a few bags full.