Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tying Shoes Aid

I found this product called Loopeez.  I thought it was great because it would make it so easy for my 5 year old to tie her own shoes, but I wasn't willing to shell out $8 plus shipping because I know how easy it is to lose little things like this.  Believe me, we lose a lot of ribbons, clips, and headbands!  We've tried multiple times with no aids and she just fumbles....too much for her little hands to hold so I tried to make a mock Loopeez.  It was very simple and she tied them herself the first try!  (She already had the prerequisite skill of tying simple overhand knots).

From a large piece of felt, I cut two pieces, each about 1 inch by 2 inches (not exact measurements, but something like that).  Then I cut two vertical slits about an inch apart so it looks like the ones on the website.  Then it was time to test it out!

The first step is for the child to knot their laces.

Next, they put the felt piece over their laces.  Make a loop with the first lace, then thread it through the hole.

Repeat with the second lace.

Tie both laces in a knot.  Leave the felt there.  If we had pink, we would have used pink, but at the time we only had black, brown, and yellow felt in the house.  We're going to purchase a really cute color for our little Fancy Nancy!

Pull the loops to the appropriate length.

Finished product!  She was so proud she tied her shoes and it only took one try for her to get it!